With the constant rise and emergence of new threats, agencies and companies need solutions that go beyond the norm. Threats are ever changing. As such agencies and companies need security plans that will anticipate the hackers’ next steps.

CapSEC Security’s team of skilled professionals are trained at being “Out of the Box” thinkers. Our Security Engineers have proven experience designing, implementing and managing security solutions. CapSEC LLC will:

  • Provide expert direction in defining and managing enterprise security strategy and architecture
  • Consider potential risks in the current technology deployments
  • Recommend projects and programs to improve information security and build a successful and strong enterprise security
  • Design, deploy and maintain information security solutions to build a successful and strong enterprise security posture
  • Review the implementation of emerging security technologies and latest regulatory and compliance requirements for security policies

We work in all environments:

  • Cloud services
  • Network security infrastructure
  • Web-based
  • Software applications